Monday, November 9, 2009

Roxie's Last Adventure

Today was a beautiful day for a November. So Roxie was just itching to get out and feel the wind in her spokes since this was to be the last ride of the season..

But, before we start our adventure, I'm sure that many of you will want to know which Halloween costume won... The Playboy Bunny costume won.

As you can see, this was taken when it was warmer because when she came out of the garage to show off her costume on Halloween, it did not last long.. As you know, Roxie is a girlie girl and when her front tire hit that cold wind, she backed up and never came back out. She felt that there were already many Halloween Trick or Treaters out there and one less Playboy bunny was not going to be missed.. So she stayed in for the night so that she would not catch cold. But she did see some of the cutie pies that came by while it was light. So thank you for all the votes..

Now to our last adventure....

We headed toward Royal Oak to see just what she could get into. It was just so nice out she wanted to keep going and not stop for anything.. That warm wind and the feel of the sun on her, she was just enjoying life. But as we got to Fourth Street, she noticed a building that had some fantastic graffiti. So we just had to stop, look and take her picture with them..

The colors were so vibrant.. She loved them and felt that a little Pink was needed..

for some reason,Roxie just loved that little guy on the top.. But just LOVED the "Iron" man... That Roxie...

We were just ready to take off again when Roxie spied a sign that she felt actually spoke to her.. It spoke to her so much that she just had to show you her smile.. She's tilting her head now in the pictures and that smile just comes out of her..

She does have that "WOW Smile"....

Since she felt she was ready to get her flirt on, she felt that maybe she needed to visit the Royal Oak Police Station. So off we went. Well unfortunately all of our boys in blue were in the street trying to prevent crime. But, Roxie noticed someone to pose with her and get her flirt on.

She just goes for that Black and White... But then she normally goes for that strong type and she is such a flirt.. When there's no bikes around, she just goes for that strong look.. that girl...

I got her away from that other flirt, he beeped at her a couple of times, and continued on our way. As we turned the corner, we remembered that tomorrow, Tuesday, is the U.S. Marine's birthday and that Wednesday, November 11th was Veteran's Day. So Roxie, being patriotic and also having people that served in the military that she loves, wanted to pay tribute to them and to those that lost their lives to keep this country safe and those that still keep this country safe.

This is the Veteran's Monument in Royal Oak, which is in front of the Library.. Roxie feels that people should take a stroll and pay their respects to all those that have fallen and those that are still here today. So take a moment for those that have gone and those that are still here. And if you see a soldier, tell them thanks for what they do for us and you know tell those that have served, "Thank you".
And believe me, if there had been a soldier around there while we were standing there, Roxie would have let him ride her.. Imagine that.. I just don't know about that girl sometimes...

So after we paid our respect, we decided to explore further down Main street toward Rochester Road.. As we were riding along, we passed three guys. Roxie just knew that they were part of the "Saprano's".. One big guy, nicely dressed in a suit, another with shorts and short sleeves on (with tattoos, Roxie was digging that) and one other foreign looking guy.. Maybe the Chinese mafia.. Well as we passed they were making eyes at her.. Roxie's sixth sense picked up and knew that they wanted her.. But she likes her fun, but not with guys like this.. Especially those that might provide cement shoes and not the expensive ones, like Jimmy Choo.. So we hurried on our way.. We didn't hear a thing...

But as we were going down the street, Roxie spied a sign.. She just knew that sign was meant for her.. Now how did they know that she would be coming this way and how did they know her...

In case you could not read the sign...

Now not that she is fast or anything, but Roxie does have her moments..

After this, we decided to start back.. But as we got closer to Eleven Mile and Main, Roxie started seeing "Stars" in her eyes.. Why there was the Main Theatre.. Now after the Red Dawn experience, she just knew that she had to stop and have her picture taken by one of the movie posters.. She just knew that some day, her star would be on the walk like others that are there.. (No names, just stars for decoration. But I was not going to tell her.)

Roxie knew that some day instead of the poster saying "New York, I love you".. it will say "Roxie, WE LOVE YOU".. Notice again her turning of her head toward the camera.. she's practicing her posing for her head shots..

Well I finally got her away from there but as we started again she saw this red and white awning and just had to go toward it. Well wasn't she happy to see that it was Oberweis Ice Cream store.. So we had to stop and of course have a picture taken.

Oh how delicious the ice cream is there, but Oh so many calories.. Of course Roxie was watching her weight, you know just in case Hollywood calls so no ice cream..

We continued the adventure home turning down Eleven mile, when Roxie spotted someone at the Farmer's Market. She just had to stop to say Hello...

Meet Sante Fe Huffy.. She was nice but a little tied up and she was not as young as Roxie.. Nice girl...

After their little chat, we continued down and saw a store with a name that was close to both of our hearts.. A name that we were very familiar with..

And I wonder who that could be???

Well since this is to be the last adventure, there was one picture that Roxie felt was fit for this last adventure.. So she knew that she just had to have her picture taken with it. She thought this was appropriate for the last adventure..

Roxie has enjoyed taking these adventures and letting you ride along with her. But it's time to say good bye for a while. At least until there is warm, VERY warm weather.. She hopes that you have enjoyed the adventures as much as she has.. She wishes you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hopefully all of you will be ready next year, say around April 2010, to start her adventures again..

Thank you for all the comments.. Take care and enjoy this last ride, so until the next time... Keep a smile on your face and enjoy...


  1. I am sooo sad that Roxie is going in for the winter, but look forward to her adventures in 2010!!! Thank you for all the great stories this year. I truly enjoyed them all :)

  2. How will we go on over winter without Roxie? It's been great fun so far, can't wait for April 2010.

  3. Thanks for sharing yours and Roxie's adventures, really enjoyed it! Looking forward to next spring! Unless we come up with some creative idea to blog about during the winter months!?!?! :)

  4. Sigh ... Roxie, we miss you! It's too cold, you need to warm the season up with your hot pink paint!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!