Monday, November 9, 2009

Roxie's Last Adventure

Today was a beautiful day for a November. So Roxie was just itching to get out and feel the wind in her spokes since this was to be the last ride of the season..

But, before we start our adventure, I'm sure that many of you will want to know which Halloween costume won... The Playboy Bunny costume won.

As you can see, this was taken when it was warmer because when she came out of the garage to show off her costume on Halloween, it did not last long.. As you know, Roxie is a girlie girl and when her front tire hit that cold wind, she backed up and never came back out. She felt that there were already many Halloween Trick or Treaters out there and one less Playboy bunny was not going to be missed.. So she stayed in for the night so that she would not catch cold. But she did see some of the cutie pies that came by while it was light. So thank you for all the votes..

Now to our last adventure....

We headed toward Royal Oak to see just what she could get into. It was just so nice out she wanted to keep going and not stop for anything.. That warm wind and the feel of the sun on her, she was just enjoying life. But as we got to Fourth Street, she noticed a building that had some fantastic graffiti. So we just had to stop, look and take her picture with them..

The colors were so vibrant.. She loved them and felt that a little Pink was needed..

for some reason,Roxie just loved that little guy on the top.. But just LOVED the "Iron" man... That Roxie...

We were just ready to take off again when Roxie spied a sign that she felt actually spoke to her.. It spoke to her so much that she just had to show you her smile.. She's tilting her head now in the pictures and that smile just comes out of her..

She does have that "WOW Smile"....

Since she felt she was ready to get her flirt on, she felt that maybe she needed to visit the Royal Oak Police Station. So off we went. Well unfortunately all of our boys in blue were in the street trying to prevent crime. But, Roxie noticed someone to pose with her and get her flirt on.

She just goes for that Black and White... But then she normally goes for that strong type and she is such a flirt.. When there's no bikes around, she just goes for that strong look.. that girl...

I got her away from that other flirt, he beeped at her a couple of times, and continued on our way. As we turned the corner, we remembered that tomorrow, Tuesday, is the U.S. Marine's birthday and that Wednesday, November 11th was Veteran's Day. So Roxie, being patriotic and also having people that served in the military that she loves, wanted to pay tribute to them and to those that lost their lives to keep this country safe and those that still keep this country safe.

This is the Veteran's Monument in Royal Oak, which is in front of the Library.. Roxie feels that people should take a stroll and pay their respects to all those that have fallen and those that are still here today. So take a moment for those that have gone and those that are still here. And if you see a soldier, tell them thanks for what they do for us and you know tell those that have served, "Thank you".
And believe me, if there had been a soldier around there while we were standing there, Roxie would have let him ride her.. Imagine that.. I just don't know about that girl sometimes...

So after we paid our respect, we decided to explore further down Main street toward Rochester Road.. As we were riding along, we passed three guys. Roxie just knew that they were part of the "Saprano's".. One big guy, nicely dressed in a suit, another with shorts and short sleeves on (with tattoos, Roxie was digging that) and one other foreign looking guy.. Maybe the Chinese mafia.. Well as we passed they were making eyes at her.. Roxie's sixth sense picked up and knew that they wanted her.. But she likes her fun, but not with guys like this.. Especially those that might provide cement shoes and not the expensive ones, like Jimmy Choo.. So we hurried on our way.. We didn't hear a thing...

But as we were going down the street, Roxie spied a sign.. She just knew that sign was meant for her.. Now how did they know that she would be coming this way and how did they know her...

In case you could not read the sign...

Now not that she is fast or anything, but Roxie does have her moments..

After this, we decided to start back.. But as we got closer to Eleven Mile and Main, Roxie started seeing "Stars" in her eyes.. Why there was the Main Theatre.. Now after the Red Dawn experience, she just knew that she had to stop and have her picture taken by one of the movie posters.. She just knew that some day, her star would be on the walk like others that are there.. (No names, just stars for decoration. But I was not going to tell her.)

Roxie knew that some day instead of the poster saying "New York, I love you".. it will say "Roxie, WE LOVE YOU".. Notice again her turning of her head toward the camera.. she's practicing her posing for her head shots..

Well I finally got her away from there but as we started again she saw this red and white awning and just had to go toward it. Well wasn't she happy to see that it was Oberweis Ice Cream store.. So we had to stop and of course have a picture taken.

Oh how delicious the ice cream is there, but Oh so many calories.. Of course Roxie was watching her weight, you know just in case Hollywood calls so no ice cream..

We continued the adventure home turning down Eleven mile, when Roxie spotted someone at the Farmer's Market. She just had to stop to say Hello...

Meet Sante Fe Huffy.. She was nice but a little tied up and she was not as young as Roxie.. Nice girl...

After their little chat, we continued down and saw a store with a name that was close to both of our hearts.. A name that we were very familiar with..

And I wonder who that could be???

Well since this is to be the last adventure, there was one picture that Roxie felt was fit for this last adventure.. So she knew that she just had to have her picture taken with it. She thought this was appropriate for the last adventure..

Roxie has enjoyed taking these adventures and letting you ride along with her. But it's time to say good bye for a while. At least until there is warm, VERY warm weather.. She hopes that you have enjoyed the adventures as much as she has.. She wishes you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hopefully all of you will be ready next year, say around April 2010, to start her adventures again..

Thank you for all the comments.. Take care and enjoy this last ride, so until the next time... Keep a smile on your face and enjoy...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Roxie and Royal Oak Halloween Windows and Such

Today was a beautiful day to take another and maybe our last adventure before winter. Roxie was in a good mood and wanted to feel the air between her spokes.. So to say.. We knew that this might be one of our last trips out until after winter.. The trees were just beautiful with colors.

As you can see from one of the trees down the street from where we live. We decided that we would ride through the streets looking at the trees and to see what adventure that we could get into today.

Well our first adventure came upon us while we were riding down 4th street in Royal Oak. Roxie looked to the right and just had to stop to get her picture with the masks in one of the clothing stores on the corner of 4th and Main.

Oh how she loved the different masks that someone could be wearing for Halloween. She loved all the feathers and colors involved with the masks.. Why she felt that she could wear one of these and go as the "Pink Lady".. Why yes that would be perfect for her, a bike of mystery and intrigue... If only she could entice one of her men.. Ah yes.. a dream she was dreaming when we turned the corner and low and behold another window with masks...

Masks and oh how lovely, shoes... She knew that some of her friends that loved shoes would love this window just as much as she did.. But as she was posing for the picture, a lovely woman was coming by with coffee and stopped to look. We told her that she could pass but she said she wanted to stand there and admire Roxie. She was taken back by her. She started asking questions as to where did Roxie come from, how did she get her name and oh my she was beautiful.. Well, Roxie was beaming by this point. We told her of our blog and how we do Adventures with Roxie. She loved it.. We talked a little bit more and she had to continue on her way to work.. But as she left, she turned and looked at Roxie and winked at her with admiration..

So let me tell you how big of a head Miss Roxie had.. It was difficult for me to get her to continue the adventure. But I was able to entice her to continue because just a few doors down was the bakery.. And low and behold they had Halloween cakes and Roxie just had to peek at them.

A good thing it was closed because Roxie was looking at those cakes with sugar plums dancing in her head.. But I explained how many calories there was and where those calories would land and she felt that maybe it was time to continue on..

So as we continued down Main street looking at the store windows, Roxie came to a sudden halt.. I could feel the excitement in her.. Something had caught her eye.. And you know when that happens we will be going her way. Well the thing that had caught her eye was the Ed Hardy mural. All of a sudden her sexy adventurous self came out of her and she was heading for the wall.. She just had to have her picture taken with her sexiness and adventurous self.

Notice that now she turns her head.. She says that is her better side for pictures and gives her a chance to show off her eyes.. It took me a while to pull her away from there and to get her to calm down.. She was talking about tatoos and such.. What to do with such a bike. I tell you that deep down she has this little rebel in her waiting to come out at times..

Well I got her to continue down the street. But what I have found out that no matter if you use the cross walk, you have to be careful.. Roxie almost had her first accident. It seems that cars do not always understand that they must STOP when a pedestrian or a bike is in the cross walk, going across the street. But we finally made it to safety and continued our adventure.

We turned down Washington street and was doing our normal window shopping again when all of a sudden she came to a stop.. Well let me tell you, I could not believe why she stopped.. We were in front of the Bravo Bra store and in the window was a Witch. Now this was no ordinary Witch. Roxie was taken back by her. She said I bet I'm as big as she is.. Well I just did not know what to say. So Roxie felt that she wanted to pose side by side to prove that she, Roxie of Royal Oak also had something to brag about.. So I took the picture.

As Roxie turned toward me, she gave me that wicked smile saying. "I'm just as built as her.." What can I say..

Now as I was trying not to laugh, I told her that we must be going it was getting late and General Hospital was going to be on soon. Well that got her going since this has become one of her favorite soaps also.. She was thinking how Jason or Sonny would ride her.. Oh that girl and her dreams..

So as we were going home, we took some side streets and low and behold we came upon the following scene...

I could hardly keep her in the street.. She got so excited and wanted her picture taken.. She said, "Yes.. this is Halloween".. And then as we were leaving she looked again and got more excited and just had to have another picture taken of her with a Halloween favorite...

"Freddie Kruger.... Yes, Yes, Yes..."

I tell you this girl is attracted to strange people and things.. For me, Freddie is a little too much, but Roxie, what can I say.. So I let her sit there for a little while and then told her we had to go.. As we left, she waved good bye in her bikish kind of way.. She yelled, "Until next Halloween, Freddie..."

We continued on our way home with no more stops since it was close to GH coming on. But I could tell that Roxie was satisfied with her adventure and was going to be a good girl from there.. We pulled into the drive but I could tell that she was a little down. But I could understand it, this adventure may be the last and she has had such a good time. I told her that just maybe the weather will be good a day or two next week and we could go for maybe the last ride.. She was happy to hear that.. But then she also remembered that Halloween is this Saturday and wanted to know what the people had picked for her.

Well we only had 3 people to let us know which one of the costumes they liked.. So right now, if no one else leaves their vote, it's the Pink Bunny that is winning.. Oh let me tell you how thrilled she was on that.. She said that she could show her sexiness with those rabbit ears.. And that it was so colored coordinated.. She was exited once more..

So until our next adventure (hopefully next week if the weather is good), thanks for the votes and hope you enjoyed our adventure today.. Happy Halloween to all.. Oh and Roxie wanted to say, "Hope you all get some type of treats.."

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Roxie and Her Halloween Costumes

Today was a beautiful day.. Or as Roxie would say, "It was a Pink of a day".... So today we decided to figure out what she was going to be for Halloween. After all Halloween is next week. So due to the situation that we're in, financial that is, we had to find something from the basement. But that was okay with Roxie since she knew that I had some things up my sleeve for her.. So here is the first costume...

"ARRH ME HARDY".... but Roxie didn't like the way the bird had said it.. Too manly.. instead she said it should be, "Hey Sailor, want to have some fun?"..... "I have a bag full of jewels but there are two big jewels just for you...."
Well since she and the bird could not get together, I felt it was time for the next costume.

"Oh my little pretty.... Old Witchy Witch has some goodies for you, baby!"

Wow you never know what a costume will do to a person... But we still had other items to try on. So the Halloween dressup continued to Roxie's excitement.

"Oh help, help.. Save me... Need a strong life guard to help me.. Need mouth to mouth resusation!!! And afterwards, we can play in the sand with my pail, hee, hee, hee.."

That Roxie.. Always has a something to say... but once I got her quietened down, we continued with modeling her other outfits..

"Oh yes.. now we're talking.. I think Hef would want to have me as a centerfold.. I think we need to send this to him and show him how I, Roxie, could work it for him.. Why, those boys would go wild for me with my sleekness, and pink on pink."

Had to get her to calm down on this one... That girl just goes wild sometimes.. And just where did she come up with Hef and the centerfold.. I was so glad that it was in the back yard and not the front.. I could only imagine what she would have done if it was in the front yard.. Talk about posing and flirting with people.. Oh dear..

But I got her to continue...

"Da ta da ta, da ta da ta... CAT WOMEN!!!... Oh yes, I'm sleek and I'm mysterious.. And so Pink cordinated.. Bat Man has nothing on me!! Watch out Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry.."

Well it took a while to get her to take that one off.. I just don't know what gets into that girl sometimes.. I told her only one more costume to try on..

"Look I'm Madame Butterfly... I need to sing now.. LA LA LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Well let me tell you, she just flitted around the backyard with this one.. She just thought she was so delicate and mysterious and lovely... What can I say, that is my Roxie.. But it was time to put them away and figure which one she would wear.. She was indecisive as usual. Typical woman, could not make up her mind.. So since she was not sure, we thought maybe it would be fun to have you pick which one would be the costume for Roxie..

Please leave me your comments and I will discuss them with Roxie and we will see which costume was right for Roxie.

So until the next time, hope you enjoyed reading about and seeing Roxie's customes. I will let everyone know which one came in first in the next blog of Roxie's Adventures.. Until then, enjoy...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Roxie's Fall Adventure with Halloween Displays

Since the sun was to be out today, we decided that today Roxie and I would go adventuring to find Halloween displays. But before we could go out, I had some people coming to trim the huge trees in the front and back. I had a company come out that was just fabulous, Lawn Ranger Landscaping & Tree Service. Jason and Erick was great.. They certainly knew their types of trees and what was needed to make them look good so if you ever need any trees trimmed, contact them. And they were very reasonable... Now enough of my endorsements.. LOL

They were finally done and we were ready for our adventure. As you may know, it's been quite cold and rainy. And Roxie does not like going out into the rain.. She is such a girl about getting wet and loosing her neatness and sleekness.. But the rain stopped and the sun was out today with a cold wind. A fine day to go looking for Halloween displays. Since this is Roxie's first Halloween, she wanted to see if people decorated for Halloween. But before we could go, Roxie felt a little chilly so we had to make sure that she was comfortable and did not catch a cold. So she wore her special scarf.

Doesn't she look spiffy with her Pink and White scarf...

Now she was ready for traveling, we headed out toward Royal Oak. The wind was quite cold as it blew up against us as we were speeding along, wind whipping our hair about. But the sun was out and it felt good. As we were going down Campbell road we could see that Fall was upon us now. Some of the trees had turned such a beautiful color, we just had to stop and take a picture. Roxie thought that this tree looked so beautiful shooting out from behind the house along with the red one in front.. Such a nice fall colored tree. But of course Roxie was thinking that maybe a touch of pink would really knock it out of the ball park.. So I tried to explain that pink just would not go with brilliant orange/red/yellow combination.

We continued down Campbell and turned on Lincoln heading for downtown Royal Oak. But as we were passing one of the streets, Roxie caught something out of the side of her eye. It perked her interest. Of course knowing Roxie this something had to do with either another bike or one of her men.. And low and behold, it was a bike. It was used as part of a Halloween display. I tell you that Roxie and her type of acquaintance's.. Roxie was once again, quite taken back with the bike and the ghoul that was riding it.. Sorta looked like the Beast from Beauty and the Beast TV show but riding a dirt bike.. So of course she just had to have her picture taken with the Bike and the Beast. But of course she had to take her scarf off since she wanted her full body to be shown to impress this beastly bike.

First the BMW and now an off road bike.. I don't know what she sees in these bikes..

We continued from there going up and down many streets looking for Halloween displays.. Interesting that there are not a lot out at this time. I wonder if it's because it's still a few weeks away or people are just not getting into Halloween this year. But as we traveled through out the streets of Royal Oak, we did find some. We came upon a variety of characters at this one display.. Black witchy cat, a Ghostly pumpkin, maybe Casper the Ghost and the pirate, Captain Sponge Bob Squarepants "yo ho me Hardy"... Well Roxie was so excited she just had to have her picture taken with all of them.

We continued through Royal Oak. The next one we found was off Eleven Mile. Spider webs with spiders.. quite scary... But Roxie was very brave and stood still for her picture with them. But once I had taken the picture, she was more then ready to leave.. I told her that they would not hurt her but she would not listen. She was ready for the feel of the wind in her face once more..

Since we had not found a lot of displays, I thought that there was a very good place to go to, a house over on Twelve Mile and Rochester. They always decorate extremely for Xmas, why not Halloween.. So Roxie and I started our ride toward Twelve Mile.. We went through downtown Royal Oak.. Then to Washington street.. As we turned and continued on Washington Street I noticed a bunch of birds.. Sparrows to be exact.. Figuring that they would just fly away as we approached I did not think twice.. But I should have.. So number one thing I learned today:

1. Approaching a bunch of birds on the ground is like when an airplane flys into birds. You can crash, no thank you, or as the engine goes out, the pilot is able to take control of the plane and land safely.. Well when we were peddling through, the birds did not take off as I thought until we were just about upon them and then they were all over the place. Flying away and toward Roxie and I.. It was like a bat attack. So trying to stay on the bike and not crash, Roxie and I kept our cool and took some good maneuvering.. So now I will be very cautious when approaching these so called "little birds".. They are sneaky and you have to watch out.. Roxie and I think they wait for you and they know you are thinking "oh they will fly away, I don't need to worry".. But you do.. They lay in waiting for the right time and then they fly up in your face and cause havic.. So be very careful with those sparrows.. They're small, but deadly..

We both got under control along with our composure, thank goodness no one was watching, and continued toward Twelve Mile.. But we continued and continued and I thought OMG, are we ever going to get there.. It did not seem that long of a ride.

So here is where lesson two comes into play:

2. Lesson two is,when you're in a car and going to let's say Twelve Mile, it seems very simple and quick.. Going by bike is another story.. OMG, it takes forever to get there.. And you pay for it that night... I can feel it in my legs tonight.. "Advil please"

But when we FINALLY got there, it was a disappointment.. I had figured that Roxie was going to be excited with all the displays.. But, nothing.. Not even one Witch or Pumpkin was there.. So Roxie and myself was disappointed since we had road the distance.. We pulled ourselves together and turned up Twelve Mile to Rochester and since it was such a long way, we figured that we would stop for a drink. So low and behold, one of my favorite fast foods.. Burger King.. YEAH!! I'm sure that for some of you that know me, I should have owned stock in BK since I have supported them for some time now. Anyway, Roxie and I rolled up to the drive thru to order.

"A large diet coke please".. "I'm sorry we can not serve you since we do not serve walk ups and unfortunately you are considered walk ups."

So Roxie was put out a little but understood. I had to go inside to get a coke. Oh well, I guess I should have bought stock then I could have said we are stock holders and should be served.. Oh well..

After our run in with the famous BK Drive Thru, we continued toward home.. As we approached our street, Roxie was very glad to get home and yet a little disappointed that there were not a lot of displays for Halloween. But that will not stop us on our continued adventures to see if we can find any more Halloween displays.. If anyone knows of any, we would appreciate your input so that Roxie can go and see the displays..

But until our next adventure, Roxie and I hope that you have enjoyed today's small and uneventful day.. Until the next adventure...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Answer to....Why No Update Last Week

As Roxie and I had told you, there was a reason why we did not update the blog last week. Well now we can expose the secret.. Yeah!!!

Well we happen to know this beautiful, sassy Latino woman, Angie.. And this year she became engaged to this Pittsburgh guy, Matt.. Who by the way is an avid Pittsburgh Steeler fan.. (See Kurt, we know other Pitt fans, LOL..) A little history of how they got together... They had met at work and it was a setup.. And evidently a perfect setup.. Well this little Latino and this Pittsburgh man was married last Saturday. So our little Latino had asked if I could help with the wedding. So after discussing this with Roxie, who by the way was VERY happy for Angie, said she understood and would not cause any problems since she would not be able to go on any adventures before the wedding. So it was set, I would help with the wedding. But before I provide any details....

Please meet the beautiful, sassy Latino.... Angela Gonzalez

Let me tell you that Roxie just loved this picture.. She thought Angie's dress was just beautiful but thought that "Pink" would have been better. Hmm wonder why.. No wondeer Roxie loved the bridal store on 11 Mile that we stopped at the week before. Roxie is that girlie girl type and wedding dresses is one of the things she loves to look at..

The ceremony was held inside since it rained. But a rainbow came out so I think that was telling them that this was a lucky day for them both... And that their loved ones were watching down on them.. The hall was so nicely decorated.. Many of her friends helped with the decoration and the finish touch was done the afternoon of the wedding.

As you came in, you had the book to sign and you would find your table assignment noted in a cute little picture frame.

The one thing people had fun with was the Candy Table. This was a great idea and from what I am seeing the latest in the favors from a wedding.. She had M&M's (plain and peanuts), Fall Kisses, Dark Chocolate kisses, Root Barrel Candy (grooms favorite), twizzlers, and much much more.. It was a real hit at the reception.

Another thing that I thought was very nice and that was touching was the Memorial Table. You see Angie lost her father while she was growing up and this was to remember him along with Matt's Moms Mother.. And votive candles for others loved ones that had gone to soon.. Very nice touch.. That's our sassy Latino...

The cake was beautiful, three tiers with fresh flowers in the same color as her bouquets, sorry no pics for now. The flowers were beautiful, fall colors, red/orange roses, the bridal party quite attractive and the groom and bride, oh just beautiful.. Oh I guess I should say the bride was beautiful as you have seen and the groom very handsome. So by now I guess you would like to see the groom.. Can't forget him..

So here is the new Mr and Mrs Matthew Delphus.

Aren't they cute......

So you see it was worth missing the adventures with Roxie.. Roxie is excited for them and so was all of her friends and families..

Roxie and I will continue our adventures very soon.. As soon as the rain stops since Roxie is such a girlie girl and hates to get wet and mess herself up.. So please enjoy this blog and join in Roxie and myself, wishing Matt and Angie the best of everything...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Day with Roxie

I begin with an apology. I have not up updated the blog with Roxie for about a week now. The reason will be exposed soon, but today Roxie and I decided to have another adventure.

Now, Roxie has forgiven me for not taking her on her ride last week since she knows the secret and really approved of it. So today as we started out, the weather was quite chilly, cloudy and a sign of rain coming. You could tell that fall was around us.. I'm sure everyone knows that by now. We decided to adventure further into Royal Oak. And we figured that since we ride around Royal Oak and ask people to take pictures with Roxie, she is persistent you know, and take pictures at different businesses, we might want to start at the Royal Oak Court House since we may in our many adventures just have to visit this place for one reason or another.. Times are very different now and people do wonder why the pictures are being taken. So you never know... .

This is the 44th District Court House in RO, off of Troy Street by Farmers Market.

After our quick picture and quick get away, we continued our adventure of downtown Royal Oak. We crossed over Troy Street from the court house and there it was, the Royal Oak Library. Now unfortunately, they do not allow bikes in there but you can put your bike in a bike rack and go in to read many wonderful adventures that are written in books. So Roxie wanted to make sure that people knew that even she likes books. That the enjoyment of books should be shared with kids and this is a very good place to do it. You never know when there might be a book called, "The Adventures with Roxie"...

As we were leaving, we saw the fountain. Well maybe not the water so to say since it has been cut off for the season, but the huge sculpture that is in the middle of the fountain.. Roxie felt that it was appropriate to have her picture taken by the fountain because in the middle stood a huge sculpture. Many people feel that this statue is not appropriate due to being a naked man holding up a naked woman, but Roxie felt that this was a piece of art and since she feels that she too is a type of art, she wanted to have a picture by the sculpture. Pink metal meets bronze.. what can I say...

We continued our ride through downtown Royal Oak. I had to mail some letters so we went down 2nd Street and found a place that was exciting to Roxie, the Sub Shop on
2nd Street. It took her back just a moment to see the building and what was on it. When she saw that motorcycle and who was on it, she was sold.. She just had to have a picture.. Marlon Brando(On the Water Front), I could feel the urgency in her speed to get there. The excitement of each peddle toward the building. As as we got there she looked up and saw her,Marlyn Monroe and then to the right the Three Stooges.. Now who could pass this up. Roxie got so excited that she went for it.. This girl was like all of those movie fans, just had to have a picture with some of the greats..

I finally got her away from them and as we turned the corner, two more greats.. James Dean and Humphrey Bogart. Well of course she just had to get a picture with them.. But I had to watch that Bogie.. I think he had his eye on her and really wanted to take her.. You could see it in his eyes and how close he was to her...

And then there was James Dean.. I tell you, they all fall in love with Roxie. Jimmy and his blue red jacket from Rebel without a Cause.. Yep Roxie was feeling like a rebel and was ready.. I think it's that sleekness of her and she is such a little flirt.

Well let me tell you, she was so excited that she tried to call her friends.. But unfortunately, the phone did not work. Can't understand why....

But all good things must come to an end and it was time for us to ride home. Our adventure for today was coming to a close. Mostly because it was clouding up and we could feel some sprinkles.. And Roxie just hates getting wet, it does nothing for her beauty.. No umbrella or cover, no way, this was not going to happen with her. So we were off for home. But she was fine with going home for the day. She had her brush with fame, Bogie had wanted her along with Jimmy, she had faced down Brando on his bike, she had compared her pink metal to bronze with the sculpture, saw where maybe some day a book of Roxie may be kept and visited the court house that housed the judges that she may face some time, but hopefully not. Her day had been busy and eventfull..

So until our next adventure, we hope that you enjoyed her trip through Royal Oak. There will be more adventures before the fall of winter's snow flakes.. After all Halloween is right around the corner and Roxie is not sure what she wants to be.. So stay tuned.. And enjoy...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Roxie and Washington Street and Her Men

Today was the perfect Roxie adventure day.. Not too hot and not too cold.. Just right.. Wow, now doesn't that sound like Goldilocks talking.. LOL.. Any way it was a georgous day.. And I just knew that Roxie was getting impatient to get out and feel the wind and sun on her sleek body.. So as we rode out of the driveway, we decided that it was a Washington Street adventure.. But little did we know that she would meet quite the men along the way.. My what the universe has in store for you and you not knowing it..

So as we were peddling down Lincoln towards Washington, Troy Street came up and for some reason it held a calling for us.. "Roxie, come down Troy Street, there is an adventure waiting to happen for you.." So we turned to our right and headed down. Well come to find out, the adventure for Roxies was sitting out on the street. A HUGE RED firetruck.. Little did we know that Troy Street had summoned her down to experience the Fire Departmant of Royal Oak.. So of course we could not let this great opportunity pass us up. Roxie was a little shy but was able to get her close to the big engine.

Once I got her to stand there and pose, all of a sudden a new Roxie came into view.. She wanted more.. More of the big engines.. So we proceeded across to the street from the first engien to the Fire House. ALL of the beautiful Red Huge engiens were there.. Waiting for that call.. Always ready to go out and save..

Roxie decided she needed her picture taken in front of the fire house with another engine.. That Roxie, she was just not satisfied with one.

And then, the excitement mounted because two Firement were coming around one of the engines.. Oh excitement was in the air.. We were going to meet to real firemen.. Not the ones that come to bachlorett parties.. (Oh wait, where did that come from.) Sorry too much excitement I guess.. But two Firemen came around from the engine and of course they were taken back by the fine Miss Roxie.. So we were able to get a pictue of them with Roxie..

Well let me tell you, it took me a little while to pull her away.. But as we were going she noticed a little engine that was sort of the same color as her so we just had to have a picture of her and it together.. But as you can see it was a fire engine mailbox for the fire house.. It was cute..

So I was finally able to pull her away from there to continue on our adventures to Washington Street. So back down Troy towared Lincoln. We continued down Lincoln and rode over Main street at the light. We came upon Oakland Community College.. People were going to class and a few were leaving and then a few were sitting enjoying the nice day of sun. As we proceeded down Washington street we stopped at this kids store, called Love Child. Now I had to stop because of the hat one of the manaquins were wearing.. I laugh every time I pass that store.. So hopefully you can make out the hat from the picture below..

Then we continued our journey down Washington street. We stopped at this one place that since Roxie knew that she would never be able to go downtown Detroit for a special picture with the Detroit Tigers, she felt that this was the closes she would come to them.. So those Detroit Tiger fans, this one is for you from Roxie..

Across the street was Pronto resturant.. People sitting out having lunch. Oh I had the best salad there just last Wednesday. Chopped Salad.. try it if you ever get to go there and OMG the desert was great.. Randy, my buddy met me there and we both had the salads and since of course it was salad, we figured that desert was justified. So we had Oreo cheese cake.. OH MY.. Every bite was so heavenly and rich.. Well of course we could not finish our pieces and of courese we hade seperate pieces.. This was cheescake.. Again, OH MY!!!! But I digress.. back to the adventure with Roxie since she does expect this to be about her adventure..

So we continued down the street and I thought this was so cute.. a little coffee shop had this outside of their store for those dog walkers..

So any one with a dog or dogs and walking them in Royal Oak, take notice that they do leave water out for those doggies.. I think this is great...

So on with our adventure on Washington street.. Another place that I just knew that Roxie had to have a picture taken with is at the Sole Sister shoe store.. Now I do know a few out there that "loves" shoes.. (Tara) So when we got there, she was so excited with the store.. Especially the boots..

Well as we had passed so many nice stores and resturants like Lilly's Resturant, or the new Crepe resturant, it was time for us to start home. We did go up to Eleven Mile to see two shops that had caught my eye. One is a bridal shop, imagine that. And the other is another shoe store.. The "Stileto Fetish" shop.. oh yes... stileto's.

Then as we turned down a side street by the Post Office to start our journey home when all of a sudden Roxie pulled to the left very quickly.. It seemed that she had fallen for this high society expensive snob of a bike.. A BMW at that.. So of course she wanted her picture taken with it.. I tried to explain that this bike would just break her heart but she would not hear me so I took her picture.. It seems that you just can't tell someone anything when they become infatuated with a rich nice looking bike.

So I got her away from that romeo and just got further down the road when she started to rebel. So she turned tot he left and crossed the street to this shop..

What can I say.. she just had to have her picture taken.. And as I was walking back to get back on her, this gentlemen was walking toward me and I hope that he had just finished eating because he was rubbing his stomach as he approached me. He stopped looked at Roxie, smiled at me and said, "Hey, nice bike!" I tell you she just draws everyone to her.. I smiled back, and introduced him, "Oh thank you, this is Roxie.." He smiled again and continued his walk to the other side of the street. Of course I crossed also but went the oposite way, just in case he was thinking that he could possible persuade Roxie to go with him.. Never can tell..

So now was the time to get back home. We went to Troy street, and turnded down. This seems to be her favorite street now.. I think it has to do with the Firemen again.. But before we got to Lincoln street we saw another truck by the power plant. So as we were going by, inside were two Detroit Edison workers.. Well let me tell you, Roxie again with her sleek lines and cute pink, called out to those guys.. She just had to have a picture with one of them.. Of course they argued back and forth as to who was going to pose with Roxie.. No they did not want both, only one. So finally the decision was made. And here is Roxie with the Detroit Edison man..

So we finally were able to continue our way back home without any stops.. But we did take some side streets just to enjoy the sun and the wind. Things were just so nice but could tell that fall is coming and coming very fast. The pumpkins are already out for Halloween, decorations for Halloween is being put out with lights and scarecrows and ghosts.. It will be upon us soon and Roxie does not know what she wants to be.. But then that will be another story.. But as we continued, the wind picked up and the leaves started blowing around and falling from the trees.. Everything was so peaceful and quiet and just a nice fall sunny day.

So we made it home and Roxie again has been put back into the garage waiting for another adventure. So enjoy today and until the next adventure...